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You know how it’s easy to go to workshops and seminars, read books, and consult experts – all in the hopes of creating a better life and being a better leader? But you still remain stuck; you still haven’t made the big shift? That’s because many of the solutions out there aren’t necessarily the right ones for you. And follow-up guidance and accountability isn’t set in motion.

LifeShine’s programs are uniquely customized to help you live YOUR best life…not someone else’s – from reducing stress and letting go of old patterns, to assessing strengths and clarifying priorities, to maintaining work/life balance and adopting a positive mindset.

Since 2003, hundreds of women have trusted LifeShine and the LifeShine Positive Change SystemTM to lead them through lasting and meaningful positive change.

Now, it’s your turn.

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Change Your Path

The Change Your Path program is carefully customized to guide you toward living your best life. Whether you want to take the next big leap in your journey or you’re at a crossroads – this all-inclusive program focuses on your mission, vision, and purpose to guide you in changing your path in a way that’s aligned with your true spirit…with extra support and accountability built-in.

*70% of clients choose Change Your Path!

Find Your Way

The Find Your Way program is designed for women who yearn to find their way among the busyness, noise, and distraction of daily life. This program helps you get out of overwhelm and determine what you want, with a focus on purposeful goal-setting and an action plan to make it happen. The program is structured to provide support and accountability for lasting and meaningful change.

Get Back on Track

The Get Back on Track program is created for those who need assistance getting back in alignment with their goals. If you know where you’re headed but find yourself temporarily stuck, this program motivates you to get re-focused on what’s most important and re-inspired with immediate next steps. We’ll develop a high-level, quick-hit plan to meet your most pressing needs, and then you’ll take it from there.

Here’s a brief summary of the three programs:

Change Your Path
Find Your Way
Get Back on Track

Immediate next steps

Goal setting & action planning: Short-term & long-term goals

Personal / professional foundation: Big-picture vision & life purpose

Business note:

Many organizations sponsor coaching for their employees and executives, and LifeShine can tailor all programs to meet the needs/guidelines of your company.

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How LifeShine Has Made a Positive Change

Happy Clients

I knew I needed a coach to help me identify what I wanted out of my life and how I wanted to spend my time. Michelle kept it grounded, focused, and in bite-size chunks – which always meant that I took something important away from each conversation. She was always incredibly gracious in meeting me where I was and turning each conversation into something reflective, meaningful, and actionable. Coaching helped me identify my purpose (and actually gave me words to describe it), so I feel clear about who I am and how I want to lead in my life. I feel more certain and confident of my future and am entirely grateful to have Michelle in my life!

Jen S.

Sr. Director, Creative Strategy & Operations

Michelle provides a perfect blend of introspective inquiry – peeling back the onion to see what’s underneath my barriers – and prescriptive, practical assignments that motivate me into action. I like that I am accountable to the process and that there are tangible outcomes that show I’m making progress. But what I love most of all is Michelle’s genuine interest in helping me reach my goals.

Kathleen Crandall

Global Personal Brand Expert

Michelle guided me to discover my inner strengths and my true-north. She helped me go from what is wrong with me, to what is right with me. Michelle helped me understand the wise investment of taking care of myself so I could be a more mindful and available partner, parent, daughter, and friend. Michelle, words can’t thank you enough for the impact you’ve had on me!

Robin Livingston-Richter

Licensed Family Therapist