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I work with female leaders who want to go from good…to GREAT. Women who are deeply committed to their own personal and professional growth, and who truly care about living a meaningful and purposeful life. These women understand the importance of investing in themselves. They are conscientious and good students of “life”.

Since it’s of utmost importance that there’s a great match between a client and coach, I gently turn away prospective clients when they aren’t suited for my programs or feel they won’t get the results they’re looking for. In this case, I make a referral to one of my trusted colleagues or another professional who I think would be a better fit.

Just like with anything else, what you get out of the coaching program depends on what you put into it. My clients are known for giving their all and seeing results quickly. These results can show up in countless ways, including:

  • Reduced stress & overwhelm + better boundaries
  • Increased clarity of priorities + more effective time management
  • Greater awareness of strengths and values + improved confidence
  • Releasing old habits and patterns + creating new healthy behaviors
  • Enhanced communication + enriched relationships
  • Greater focus on what’s within one’s control
  • Better work/life balance + role clarification
  • More authentic leadership + strengthened executive presence
  • Defined mission & vision + clarity of purpose & direction
  • Present-moment focus + heightened ability to tune into intuition
  • Ease with decisions + improved follow-through
  • Skills to navigate change + better organization
  • New and fresh perspectives + more positive mindset
  • Maximized engagement at work + greater overall happiness
  • Choices that are more aligned + better self-care
  • Being more proactive + fully enjoying life

When you are shining brighter, those around you feel it, too, and get to benefit from your light.

LifeShine’s Executive Coaching programs are designed for the organization that strives to invest in, and elevate, its top female talent. When an organization sponsors Executive Coaching for one of its leaders, a LifeShine program is designed that aligns with the company’s specific needs.

The first step is for me to meet with the inquiring business leader to understand the needs of the organization, along with desired outcomes. Next, I meet with the designated employee to ensure that we have a great match for a coaching partnership. Once there’s alignment, I create a customized program proposal in service of uplifting and guiding the selected leader to soar from good…to GREAT.

An organization’s leaders have the power to impact the entire organization. When a leader feels successful, confident, and focused – the positive ripple effects are set in motion, generating multiple levels of benefits within the organization.

After a Get Acquainted Call, you’ll choose which of the three Life Coaching programs suits your needs best and matches the results you’d like to achieve:

Change Your Path: The most popular program and intended for women who are ready to leave behind old habits, old patterns, and old stories…and ready to write the next chapter of their life. This all-inclusive program allows the time and space to lay a solid personal/professional foundation focusing on mission, vision, and purpose; carefully customized to guide you toward living your best life, with extra support and accountability built-in.

Find Your Way: Amidst the busyness of life, designed for women to get out of overwhelm and clarify what they want and where they’re headed. Focused on outlining your short-term and long-term goals, along with a purposeful action plan to make it all happen.

Get Back on Track: Created for women who know where they’re headed but have lost sight a bit and need help getting back on-track. A high-level, quick-hit plan to meet your most immediate needs, and then you’ll take it from there.

Learn the framework of each program here.

Pre-work: The online pre-work is a reflective process designed to stimulate your thinking, clarify the positive changes you want to make, and prepare you for a successful Discovery Session.

Discovery Session: The 90-minute Zoom kick-off meeting lays the foundation for our coaching partnership and launches us toward success; together we begin to map out the way forward.

Coaching calls: The 30-minute phone coaching sessions are generally scheduled three times per month to guide you in staying focused, on-track, inspired, and accountable. To get the most out of each session, you’ll complete and submit a “Call Prep” form in advance of each session to help us maximize our time together and stay focused on your most important issues. There’s homework in between each session, for example: An article to read, a new habit to practice, a concept to reflect upon, an observation to journal about, etc.

Throughout the partnership: I’m your Coach throughout the journey, not just during our sessions. I encourage clients to share successes, challenges, and/or updates with me in-between sessions via email. As a part of the client experience, I’ve created a private LifeShine Ladies Facebook group – a place to connect with 100+ like-hearted women who are also committed to living their best life.

No more “Zoom fatigue”! Our phone coaching sessions allow you to relax comfortably, wherever you are, into deep and meaningful conversation. We intentionally use phone calls in place of videoconferencing. Videoconferencing puts us into more of a “presentation” mode with visual distractions, additional data for the brain to process, and ultimately creates a completely different energy.

Our phone sessions give you an opportunity to let your hair down (literally and figuratively) and together we get laser-focused on what’s being discussed. Clients generally call me from a private conference room, their own office, or even from a couch at home with their feet up.

We cover what’s most important and relevant to you in service of your growth and development. Occasionally clients will bring up a topic and ask: “Is this normal? Is this okay to discuss in coaching?” The answer is always YES. Our conversations can also get very personal. Because showing up as the best leader you can be is not only about the mechanics of leadership, it’s also about self-discovery. Of course if something comes up that I feel is better suited for a therapist, I will let you know right away.

My expertise is guiding you to:

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm + manage time effectively
  • Set meaningful goals + focus on priorities
  • Clarify values + assess strengths
  • Let go of old patterns + create healthier habits
  • Lead confidently + maintain work/life balance
  • Strengthen relationships + build communication skills
  • Hone personal brand + executive presence
  • Maximize engagement at work + adopt a positive mindset
  • Define mission and vision + uncover purpose
  • Gain clarity of direction + navigate change

While therapy might focus on past issues and how to “fix” them or heal past trauma, coaching understands that everyone has things in their past that are less than desirable…and the focus is on forward movement and positive action. Coaching takes you from where you are right now (regardless of the past) and guides you toward where you want to be. A LifeShine client, who had been a successful therapist for years, explained how therapy focuses on “recovery”, while coaching is more about “discovery.”

A good example of the difference between coaching and therapy was when a client was going through a divorce. She was seeing a therapist for the deep, emotional relationship wounds she experienced in her marriage. At the same time, she hired me as her coach to guide her in how to best take care of herself and stay focused on her dreams and goals. The two modalities beautifully worked together.

What we discuss is strictly confidential. If I feel that a referral to a therapist is needed, I will bring it up right away.

While I’ve had the pleasure of working with many amazing men through the years (here are a few of them!), my coaching programs and events have grown organically and are currently focused on, and geared toward, women.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 20+ years in business
  • 250+ individual clients
  • Proprietary LifeShine® Positive Change System™
  • Corporate Training & Development background
  • Former FranklinCovey certified facilitator
  • Proficient in CliftonStrengths
  • Through LifeShine, I’m doing my life’s work – following my calling and living on-purpose
  • In the process of writing a personal development book on front-row living
  • I have my own coach who keeps me accountable; I know what it’s like to be a client :)
  • Proud team member of The People Side
  • Let my clients fill in the rest of the blanks!

LifeShine coaching programs are an investment in time, money, and energy. Three individual programs are offered based on desired outcomes, starting at $2,995 with the Get Back on Track program. Each program is highly tailored and customized to your needs. Clients either choose to pay in full up-front, or via an installment plan.

When an organization sponsors Executive Coaching for their employee, the fee is contingent upon the customized program created for the organization’s specific needs.

Clients talk about adapting to significant and foundational changes in their roles at work and at home. They’re navigating an ever-changing landscape with a new way of doing business…and life. Many clients have found that their energy isn’t as robust as it used to be, and burnout has crept in.

As a result, what I consistently see, hear, and feel in every client session is this: There is now more of an urgency to life. More than ever, the women I work with are done putting their needs, dreams, and desires on the backburner. Instead, and after journeying through the pandemic, they’ve decided it’s time to re-think “who” they are and confidently get into the driver’s seat of their life. Because as the last few years have shown us – time moves fast and life is short…and doesn’t wait for any of us.

In addition, organizations know they must rise-up and meet employee wellbeing needs.

If you see yourself in any of this, rest assured that you can get started on your road to positive change by joining LifeShine today. Your life is ready for you, and you are worth it.

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How LifeShine Has Made a Positive Change

Happy Clients

I knew I needed to take better care of myself, but I didn’t know how to do that…or have the right tools to go through such an emotional, physical, and mental change. Michelle helped me focus on one piece at a time. Through our coaching, I had a safe place and a great sounding board to work through my feelings and thoughts. I got to be 100% authentic and real. I feel so different than when I first started! I feel more confident, secure, and willing to stand up for myself with what’s in my best interest. Coaching was definitely the best choice for me in working through my life transition. I am an upgraded version of Jackie and I love it!

Jackie Kellen

Customer Service Representative

Working with Michelle was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself. Michelle’s guidance helped me rediscover my passions and the confidence to move forward with my life. Her homework assignments were spot-on in helping me discover things about myself and how to integrate them in better ways into my life. I gained so much during the entire process, and Michelle’s patience, kindness, and happy spirit are contagious.

Tina Nillissen


I was feeling stuck in many areas of my life, and obtaining my goals felt impossible. Coaching taught me the importance of partnering with someone to get things done. Having Michelle as a partner helped me stay focused and encouraged. I’m so grateful I signed up for coaching! As a result, I now have a more positive perspective on life and the skills necessary to reach my personal goals.

Jackie Torborg

IT Analyst