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With a corporate Training & Development background and two decades of championing women leaders to navigate purposeful change and meaningful action, Michelle partners with female leaders and executives to: capitalize on their strengths, soar from “good” to “GREAT!”, and positively impact their workplace and home life.

Michelle founded LifeShine in 2003, and her customized Executive Coaching programs are designed for women who want to grow their impact; bring their best self to work; and show up brighter, stronger, and more alive.

LifeShine has a proven track record leading over 250 individual clients to achieve outstanding results; and Michelle brings enthusiasm, positivity, and compassion to her partnerships.

Hire LifeShine to join in the “Happy Leaders = Happy Company” equation.

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Best Buy
General Mills
UnitedHealth Group
BlueCross BlueShield Minnesota
Ameriprise Financial
McKnight Foundation

“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.”

Harvard Business Review

Coaching has proven to be the best gift I’ve ever given to myself…and to my family! I definitely received a hard dollar return on investment in my coaching, and the other benefits that came with it are priceless. I met or exceeded all the goals I established for myself during the year, and had a renewed definition of ‘success’, a solid understanding of my strengths, and knowledge of the things that energize me. Michelle helped me see myself clearly, identify the barriers I created for myself, and re-establish the confidence in my ability to tackle any mountain. With a world of possibilities in sight, she also provided me the needed tools to ensure that I prioritize and make choices that align with the things that bring me the most joy. Michelle is a phenomenal coach and positive influence in the life of her clients. She helped me get my ‘mojo’ back! When we initially started coaching, Michelle asked me what I brought to the world. I couldn’t answer that question and it brought tears to my eyes. Now, I can answer it in a heartbeat with a big smile in my heart!

Tiffany Synder

Vice President & General Manager

When I first started working with Michelle, I was running through life at 90 mph. I wasn’t managing my time well, I didn’t feel organized, and I often showed up to meetings feeling unprepared. Basically, I was reacting to what was in front of me vs. taking charge and living life proactively. Michelle had a gentle but firm approach, which was very powerful! Together, we figured out the systems and processes I needed to put in place to feel more in control of my life. I identified the triggers that caused my reactiveness and became more aware of my priorities. Then, I started blocking time on my calendar for strategic planning and proactive work, and in doing so – found that I was able to be more strategic and proactive in my approach to both my business and personal life. I practiced slowing down. I clarified my important goals. As a leader, it felt great to start delegating and lead my team proactively. Through coaching, I’ve learned to take the time – daily and weekly – to prioritize for upcoming meetings and events. I feel peaceful and more organized and continue to be mindful of streamlining my approach. Working with Michelle was a pleasure, and it’s apparent that she loves what she does! Michelle’s coaching has absolutely enriched my life!

Lisa Brotzler

Vice President of Sales Operations

When I started working with Michelle, I had been at the same company for over 14 years, constantly growing and advancing, but was that what I wanted? Or was I just doing it because it was there for me? One of the main outcomes I wanted from our coaching was to: 1) Understand and clarify my purpose, and 2) Make decisions and choices with purpose. And boy, did she deliver! During one of our sessions, Michelle took me through a life-purpose exercise that I found it to be immensely helpful. I walked away from that exercise with a strong life-purpose statement that so clearly defined who I am and what I stand for. This statement is something I’ve been using since then to bounce my thoughts, feelings, actions and decisions off of…as a way to check myself and ensure that I’m still on-track and doing what I’m meant to be doing. Throughout my coaching journey, I often referred to situations as ‘the old me…’ vs. ‘the new me…’ and it’s not that I am a different person – I’m just a better version of myself. More patient, a better listener, a better leader, and more confident in my skin overall. I attribute all of this to Michelle and her thoughtful coaching style.

Julie Verhulst

Vice President of Marketing

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On top of a degree in Communications and Psychology, Michelle is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute and a former certified Franklin Covey instructor. She also draws upon 25+ years of business experience. Michelle has taught personal/professional development workshops for organizations, facilitated company off-site events, led women’s weekend retreats, and frequently served as an event speaker. Currently, she’s focused on her passion: Uplifting female leaders and executives via 1:1 coaching, along with running a women’s small-group leadership program. Her expertise is guiding her clients to:

Reduce stress and overwhelm + manage time effectively

Set meaningful goals + focus on priorities

Clarify values + assess strengths

Let go of old patterns + create healthier habits

Lead confidently + maintain work/life balance

Strengthen relationships + build communication skills

Hone personal brand + executive presence

Maximize engagement at work + adopt a positive mindset

Define mission and vision + uncover purpose

Gain clarity of direction + navigate change

Michelle serves as a trusted advisor, thinking partner, and sounding board for her clients. Her coaching is uniquely strengths-based and focuses on the whole-person.