Book In Progress

Rocking Life In the Front Row

From front-row center seats for the Rolling Stones and The Who, to backstage with Journey and the Steve Miller Band, to a meet & greet in Peter Frampton’s hotel room and a personal sound check with Graham Nash, to my full-circle life moment: A slow dance serenade and kiss with Neil Diamond…it’s finally time to share my story.

In this book, I lay it all out and fully answer the question that plays over and over at parties like a broken record: “How on earth do you do it?” Introducing an inspirational book about life, which weaves in many of my amazing concert stories and adventures of front-row living with my hubby and fellow lover of life, Bill. We repeatedly score front-row tickets to our favorite shows and always come home with a great story.

Scoring Your Own Tickets

Our concert experiences have given us solid proof that anything is possible. And contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with a secret ticket broker or winning the lottery. Through our mind-blowing stories (and simple how-to model), you will learn how to create – and live in – the front row of your own life. Whether it’s a career path you’re shooting for, a dream you’re aspiring to achieve, or it’s specifically front-row to your favorite show.

Through the years, Bill and I know that consistently getting front-row tickets isn’t just for us, and there’s a bigger-picture reason behind it all. It’s so that we can tell the story of front-row living and share with the world how to make it happen.

Gaining VIP Access

During the day, I’m a veteran Executive Coach & Life Coach, writer, and business owner here at LifeShine®. By night, I’ve been a concert enthusiast, with over 200 major classic rock shows under my belt – many from the front-row and all with pure passion and joy.

This heart-filled project, currently in the works, combines my 30+ years of honed communication and writing skills, my long-time personal development expertise, and my true love of classic rock and joyful experiences. In this book, you’ll gain VIP access to rock out in the front-row to the greatest show currently on tour: your life!

Tired of Sitting in the Upper Deck?

It’s time to live your life in the front-row. While the book is in process, check out my day-time gig as an Executive Coach & Life Coach and I’ll show you how to score your own awesome seats.

from the Rock and Roll Highlight Reel

James Taylor

Keith Richards

Paul McCartney

The Eagles

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, NYC

Neil Diamond: My favorite since I was 12

Robert Plant

Fleetwood Mac

Elton John

Crosby, Stills & Nash

Steve Miller Band

Mick Jagger

Journey’s Arnel Pineda

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Pete Townshend

Mike Love

Peter Frampton

Ringo Starr

Earth, Wind & Fire

Bucket List: Front Row for the Rolling Stones!

The Rolling Stones


Jefferson Airplane’s Marty Balin

Steve Miller


The Who

Barry Gibb

Herb Alpert


Bob Seger

Front Row VIP @ The Classic West, L.A.

Little River Band

Peter Frampton’s band

The Doobie Brothers

*All photos were taken by one of us, unless we’re both in the shot! :)