LifeShine’s Awesome Men

While LifeShine’s coaching programs focus on women, I couldn’t be more grateful to have worked with some amazingly cool men as well! These are guys who care enough about their life to do great things; they know that behind every successful athlete, there’s a coach helping them to be the very best they can be. Here are just a few of the wonderful men I have had the privilege of working with:

Mark Wohlhuter“My coaching partnership with Michelle enabled me to execute my retirement transition in a meaningful and perfect way. It kept me focused on the details that mattered to me, and it gave me confidence to keep moving ahead. As I look back, I am so grateful to have had encouragement, positive reinforcement, and support from Michelle throughout the process. She is truly a skilled and remarkable person that makes a big difference with her clients.”

–Mark Wohlhuter, Retired Technology Manager, Thomson Reuters

Paul Kliewer“Michelle’s coaching is truly personal. She is great at focusing on the problem and creating a constructive course of action. In my coaching sessions with Michelle, I used her guidance to clarify and prioritize my desires to move forward after a serious trial of life. I wanted to be happy again! Michelle is remarkably adept at transitioning between what has happened in life to always keeping the ‘big picture’ in mind, helping you to stay the course with clarity and purpose. Her tools and techniques are masterful and she’s inspiring and fun to work with. If you’re at all hesitant about hiring a Life Coach, get off that fence and make an investment in yourself by getting Michelle on your side.”

–Paul Kliewer, Business Owner

Matt Goldberg“I can’t say enough good things about Michelle Stimpson and LifeShine. We just had an amazing session. She is outstanding at helping others gain clarity and find purpose…both essential to good decision-making and happiness. She’s like a four-leaf clover. Thanks, Michelle!”

–Matt Goldberg, Professional EOS® Implementer, Trajectory Lift


Clint Pires“Michelle is for men, too! Michelle Stimpson has done so much good work with so many women. When Michelle worked with me in a team coaching situation, it was a team of two women and two men – working to identify issues getting in the way of productive working relationships. Not only was Michelle able to work with the team members on exercises that helped in understanding themselves and each other; she also helped the team uncover underlying issues in the work group dynamic. The benefit? We were able to get clarity on much of what was really going on, identify group needs, and develop next steps. Michelle is also there for what is often the biggest challenge – implementing those steps.

As a manager, Michelle’s coaching skills with both the men and women and their interaction are outstanding – she has the instinct to know how and when to guide people, and when people must guide themselves. Michelle exemplifies my belief that many core coaching skills, talents, and steps transcend gender. Michelle uses those as well as those that are unique to any individual. These are just some of the reasons I strongly encourage men to consider Michelle when considering coaching opportunities.”

–Clint Pires, Chief Information Officer, City of St. Louis Park

Jerry Brimeyer“Michelle is the most authentic, forward-thinking, loving person I know. She has magnificent clarity in her own life and brings that into her coaching – creating clarity for her client so the client knows what they want, as well as how to get it, and discovering the motivation to put the right actions in place to get there. And Michelle is along every step of the way, bringing all of herself to support the mission.”

–Jerry Brimeyer, Claim Manager, State Farm Insurance; Life and Business Coach, Sidecar Coach

Rob Hayes“Before I began coaching with you I had a lot of stuff gathered in my head but really wasn’t doing anything with it. You helped me focus by your willingness to listen and ask questions that helped me clarify meaning and keep me on-track. Working with you has started me down the path of laying out plans for my life – which is not necessarily easy to do on your own as there are a lot of little things that can, and do, get in the way! Having our scheduled calls makes it a priority
for me to pay attention to planning the most important thing there is to me…my life.”

–Rob Hayes, Business Consultant

Howard Fidler“I have known Michelle for over a decade, both personally and professionally. Her individual coaching and group workshops are incredible! Michelle’s workshop on Life Balance and Time Management was a great use of my time, and I accomplished more learning in those few short hours than what might have taken days to realize. I highly recommend everyone work with Michelle if they need any help getting control back of their work and personal life.”

–Howard Fidler, DC, FICPA, FICC; Medical Director, XIONX USA; Team Chiropractor, Minnesota Spartans & Minnesota Whitecaps

Jason Kocina“Your coaching has helped me to listen and trust what my gut is telling me. Every day I am closer to the person I want to be. Thank you!”

–Jason Kocina, President, Checkerboard Strategic Web Development