Get Back on Track

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Get Back on Track

Temporarily distracted from priorities?

Lost the motivation to stay the course?

Frustrated with current progress and need to be re-energized?

…then, this basic program is perfect for you.

This is the best option if you already have a good idea of where you’re headed but just need a little help getting self-motivated and back on track. Re-energize your life, and get re-inspired and re-focused on next steps to move you forward. Then, you’ll take it from there. Highlighting some of the steps of the LifeShine® Positive Change System™, we’ll develop a high-level, customized short-term plan to fit your long-term needs.

The Focus

  1. Get back in alignment: Outline on immediate next steps to move you forward

The Framework

  • Pre-work to prepare for the coaching partnership
  • Initial Discovery Session via Zoom to outline goals together + lay the foundation for success
  • 9 private tele-coaching sessions for focus, momentum, inspiration, and accountability (3x/month for 3 months)
  • Customized homework to maintain consistent positive action & follow-through
  • Tools for a healthier lifestyle + steady inspiration to reach higher

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Guard Yourself Against Losing Focus and Getting Stuck

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How LifeShine Has Made a Positive Change

Happy Clients

I was at a point in my life where I felt overwhelmed, disorganized, and out-of-control. The most important thing I got from my work with Michelle was a plan to get started. Sometimes when things get so overwhelming, you can’t even confront beginning. Immediately, I felt rejuvenated and re-motivated toward my goals! Michelle is a fabulous Life Coach with great insight, and she truly knows how to listen and guide her clients toward living their ideal life. She comes up with perfect solutions to complicated situations and leads with a step-by-step approach to success. Thank you for all of your help and friendship through the years!

Jodi Fidler

Skincare Consultant

After just a few months of coaching, I am really in better place. Michelle taught me how to focus on my accomplishments instead of my shortcomings. She showed me how to create conditions that will enable me to feel better. She encouraged me to think, feel, and explore new attitudes. Above all, Michelle helped me to understand my wholeness.

Habon Abdulle

PhD, Executive Director

Our coaching was like getting a graduate degree in myself! Michelle helped me drive for results that are best for my family and me. I chose her as my coach by watching her live her own life on purpose. I stalked her for several months! I watched her character and who she is. As one of Michelle’s biggest fans, I am thrilled that I chose to work with an amazing coach, mentor, and friend.

Susan Auer

Strategic Sourcing Leader