Find Your Way

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Find Your Way

Feel lost in the busyness of life?

Overwhelmed with all that’s on your plate?

Juggling too many roles and not playing any of them well?

…then, this in-depth program is designed for you.

You’ll love this option if you’ve tried other strategies to improve your life but haven’t found the right solution. Re-focus your life on what you want, and clarify short and long-term goals to help you find your way to keep you headed in the right direction. The frequency of sessions fosters the structure, close support, and solid accountability necessary to make important, lasting change. The overall steps in this application of the LifeShine® Positive Change System™ will guide our work together in helping you find your way.

The Focus

  1. Create an action plan: Focus on tangible/concrete short & long-term goals to support you
  2. Get back in alignment: Outline on immediate next steps to move you forward

The Framework

  • Pre-work to prepare for the coaching partnership
  • Initial Discovery Session via Zoom to outline goals together + lay the foundation for success
  • 18 private tele-coaching sessions for focus, momentum, inspiration, and accountability (3x/month for 6 months)
  • Customized homework to maintain consistent positive action & follow-through
  • Tools for a healthier lifestyle + steady inspiration to reach higher
  • Unlimited email coaching access for extra guidance, support, and accountability

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Avoid Getting Lost in the Noise, Busyness, and Distraction of Life

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How LifeShine Has Made a Positive Change

Happy Clients

I was very focused on looking outward to others for their perspective and validation, and as a leader – I was slipping into a place where I wasn’t proud of the energy I brought to those I influenced daily. Through coaching, I learned ways to focus my energy on what I can control and let go of the things that are outside my control. Michelle always listened and remained very positive, understanding, and supportive regardless of whatever crazy topic I threw at her! She really took the time to understand my challenges, and I believe this helped to accelerate the depth of our relationship and coaching. Michelle showed me how to celebrate things I didn’t understand were worth celebrating. Thank you, Michelle – you really lead by example!

Jamie Schreiber

Regional Sales Director

I hired Michelle because I was looking for accountability in developing greater levels of discipline and consistency. She gave me thoughtful, meaningful counsel that has touched my life in such a positive way. Most important to me in the coaching journey was Michelle’s positive attitude and willingness to believe that I could become the best version of myself. And I am well on my way to becoming her!

Judith Bell


I was stuck and needed to make a change. As I began my work with Michelle, I felt very excited to be focusing on ‘me’ and what ‘I’ wanted out of life. Now I’m able to handle stressful situations more successfully, I’m more present and giving in my relationships, and I’m smiling again. There is such value in meaningful and purposeful coaching. I have definitely gotten unstuck and am becoming ‘me’ again.

Jackie Millea

Registered Licensed Architect