Please read this important information before considering hiring Michelle – thank you!

How did you get to be a Positive Change Expert and Mentor and how are you different from other Life Coaches?

I’ve been in business – and doing what I love – since 2003, which is when I had a wake-up call. At that point, I was deep into a corporate job, my husband and I had just built our dream house, and I was living a lifestyle of abundant “things.” Something wasn’t right, and I knew I needed to make a big change in my life in order to live more authentically. I was saying “yes” to all the things I thought I wanted…and saying “no” to what I really wanted. You can read more about my story to see how we ultimately sold the dream house; downsized, simplified, and moved into a townhouse; got rid of a ton of “stuff;” went back to school; and then I left the job and started this business! Whew, that was quite a change!

After making the big and important changes in my life, I made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to helping other women make important change in their lives – through my private coaching, workshops, writing, speaking, and products.

Now my clients have the benefit of expert coaching and mentoring from someone who’s been there, someone who ‘gets’ it, and someone who – most importantly – “walks the walk.” I confidently lead my clients toward the changes they have been yearning to make for so long. What a thrill for me and a true honor!

After several years of working with hundreds of clients, I created the LifeShine Positive Change SystemTM – a series of seven important steps every professional woman needs to apply in order to make lasting positive change and live a life of greater joy. For this reason, I’ve even had Career Coaches and Career Counselors refer clients to me before they begin their work together. They ask me to help the client “lay the foundation” in their personal life first, so that they’re more prepared and ready to focus on their careers. You could say that I help my clients create a “business plan” for their life!

Does The LifeShine Positive Change SystemTM really work? And can I ask your clients about it?

Yes! And yes! Please take some time to look through the many LifeShine client testimonials. Browse through the individual profiles and see which ones you feel drawn to – you might see someone who has gotten the results you want to get, too, or maybe they’re in a similar situation. Feel free to email or call them and ask what they got from working with me and my programs (I can share their contact information, with their permission, if it’s not listed).

What type of clients do you work best with and what’s expected of me?

All LifeShine programs were primarily created for the professional woman who is eager to make positive change in her life; the woman who is done talking about living a better life and finally ready to do it. The programs were tailored to give you the guidance, structured support, and accountability to make the changes necessary to live your best life.

Being a believer in the “life is good” philosophy and making immediate positive change in my own life when needed, I work best with women who also believe life is good (and know it could be even better!) and who are serious about making lasting positive change in their life.

The clients I work with are often leaders who understand the importance of investing in themselves. They are deeply committed to their own personal and professional growth and development, and they truly care about living a meaningful, purposeful life. They know that investing in their life will have a huge ripple effect in the world and will impact everyone else around them (friends, family, co-workers, etc.), simply because they will be showing up as – and offering – their best selves.

Consider what you’ll do with me to be like going back to school. You must be willing to raise the bar for yourself and set the highest standards. With my support and guidance, it’s important that you remain open to learning and new possibilities. You’ll be expected to show up prepared for our sessions and do the homework and assignments in-between. Rest assured, I will be with you – and right alongside you -supporting you throughout your journey.

Please know that I am very particular about who I work with and who I accept into the various coaching programs. I gently turn away prospective clients when I find they aren’t suited for my programs or feel they won’t get the results they’re looking for. In this case, I make a referral to one of my trusted colleagues who I feel would be a better fit for them.

Do you only work with women?

While I’ve had the pleasure of working with many amazing men through the years (here are a few of them!), my coaching programs and events have grown organically and are currently focused on, and geared toward, women.

What results can I expect to see?

As I’m sure you know, what you get out of anything depends on what you put in to it. My clients are known for giving the coaching program their all…and then seeing results quickly. These results can show up in all kinds of ways, including:

New and fresh perspectives
Improved relationships
Increased confidence
Greater joy and overall happiness
Better self-care
Being proactive vs. reactive
Clarity on life purpose and direction
Releasing old habits and patterns
More fully enjoying life
Present moment focus
A greater awareness of strengths
Being better able to tune into intuition
New healthy behaviors
Better follow-through
Clearly defined priorities
Taking action more easily and effortlessly
Choices that are better aligned
Understanding the right professional fit
Better work/life balance
Being more organized
Less stress, overwhelm, and frustration

While some results you achieve through coaching will be tangible, there will also be a myriad of results that are intangible…or priceless. What you’re regularly getting with this program and my coaching is a series of “aha’s!” that will move you forward faster than you would on your own. Expect to get a lot of these “aha’s,” as well as the tools and guidance you’ve been looking for and haven’t found until now.

Clients often tell me about the “ripple effect” they experience. Think of it this way: When you are happier, your family is happier. Your co-workers enjoy being around you more. Your peers see a positive change. Your dog senses your peacefulness! One of my clients talks about our coaching being a “twofer” – her husband gets to benefit from our work together…because she is happier and shares her learning with him. Pretty cool, huh?

How can I guarantee myself that I will actually make the changes?

Of course, you are fully responsible for the actions you take (or don’t take), along with the results you achieve. Because of this, coaching results can’t be guaranteed. The best way to experience success is to be fully committed to the process, as all of my clients are, and take meaningful action.

So, set aside time during the week to make your coaching sessions – and the homework – a priority. Show up prepared for each session. Do all of your assignments and homework. Be totally focused on this important phase of growth and development. Understand that it’s not a “quick fix” or a magic pill. Think of it like a garden, where you take the necessary time to plant the seeds, water them, and tend to the garden in order for beautiful things to bloom. You can count on me to be there with you every step of the way! I can’t do the work for you, but my clients will tell you how happy they are that they did the work for themselves.

All of my clients who have carefully applied every step of the Positive Change SystemTM have successfully made important and lasting positive change in their lives. Working with me will help you make changes in less time, and with less effort, than you would on your own.

During our coaching, I encourage my clients keep a journal of wins, successes, and accomplishments. This helps to serve as a reminder of all the great things to celebrate!

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Bill Gates & Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, on coaching:

What can you tell me about the initial Discovery Session and subsequent coaching sessions?

After you’ve completed the extensive pre-work which prepares you for the best experience possible, each coaching program begins with a 60-90 minute Discovery Session. If you live in the Twin Cities, MN, area, we’ll do this session in-person (and if you live in another area like many of my clients do, we’ll have our session via phone). This initial session will lay the foundation for our coaching, and we’ll identify your main areas of focus and clarify the goals you want to achieve. The Discovery Session is what sets us up for success.

From there, coaching sessions are conducted over the phone – usually three times per month – to keep you focused, on-track, and accountable as you keep moving forward. Those sessions are 30-minutes in length and there will be homework assignments in-between. To get the most out of each coaching session, you’ll complete a “Call Prep Worksheet” in advance of each call to help us maximize our time together and get focused on your most important issues at-hand.

How does coaching work over the phone?

What I love about phone sessions is that they are a convenient way for you to call from wherever is most comfortable. And so that it fits into your day, the logistics of the drive time and meeting location are taken out of the mix. Clients often call me from a private conference room, their own office, or even from a couch at home with their feet up!

As a Coach, the beauty is that I’m trained to listen on a much deeper level when we’re on the phone. And often, you’ll find that I “hear” things that aren’t even being said.

How is coaching different from therapy?

There is definitely a time and place for both services. Counseling might focus on past issues and how to “fix” them or on how to heal past trauma. On the flip side, coaching understands that everyone has things in their past that are less than desirable – and our focus is that nothing is broken or needs to be fixed. Our work is focused on forward movement and positive action. Coaching takes you from where you are right now (regardless of the past) and helps you move toward where you want to be. A LifeShine client, who had been a successful therapist for years, explained how counseling focuses on “recovery”…while coaching is more about “discovery.”

A good example of this is when I worked with a client who was in the process of going through a divorce. She was seeing a therapist for the deep, emotional relationship wounds she experienced in her marriage. At the same time, she hired me as her Coach to help her figure out how to best take care of herself and stay focused on her dreams and goals. The two modalities worked beautifully hand-in-hand. I’ve also had counselors refer their clients to me in addition to the work they’re already doing together – particularly when there’s a desire to uncover life purpose and gain clarity on a personal or professional path or direction.

Just like therapy, though, coaching is a safe space to explore whatever it is that’s most important to you. And what we talk about is strictly confidential. If I feel that a referral to a therapist is needed, I will bring it up right away.

What is coaching not?

Coaching is definitely not a place to “vent,” complain, or get deep into “stories.” Instead, coaching is a place to be focused, have meaningful conversation, take action, and see results. It’s important that the timeframe of each coaching session is honored, so you’ll see that when our calls begin, we dive in and get right to the point. You will be amazed at how much we accomplish in a half-hour!

What if my employer wants to support the coaching?

Great! Many organizations are very supportive of coaching, in service of their employees showing up more engaged, more confident, and more productive. I can tailor any of my coaching programs to match the needs and guidelines of your employer and we will discuss their expectations. Business owners should know that the coaching is tax deductible.

What if I’m looking for a Business Coach?

You’re still in the right place! Many women who come to me are looking for help solely with their work – whether they’re an employee in a large organization or the owner of a small business. And here’s what I tell them: We’ll definitely spend a good amount of time focusing on your business and the issues at-hand. And…because you’re a “whole” person (not just a business person), we’ll also be taking a look at the overall big-picture of your life. This helps to ensure we’re going about your business issues in the “right” way.

Do we only talk during our regularly scheduled sessions?

I’m your Coach throughout the journey. I’m here to support you, cheer you on, share resources, and hold you accountable. I encourage my clients to share successes, challenges, and updates with me in-between sessions via email.

If you’re a client in the Twin Cities, MN area – you’ll be invited to join me at various events: Relevant business trainings, inspirational presentations, personal development workshops, luncheons, meaningful fundraisers, happy hours, networking events, and social gatherings. I appreciate my clients and love to share fun experiences with them!

As a part of the client experience, I’ve created a private LifeShine Facebook group for women – a place to connect with other cool women who are also committed to living their best life. I’ll be hanging out there virtually as a way to continue to support, and serve as a resource for, my cherished clients.

What are my options for getting started with you?

I’m glad you asked! To get started making your own positive change, here are the different programs I’ve created:

Change Your Path: If you’re involved in major transition or in the process of re-evaluating your life direction, this all-inclusive program is carefully customized for you:

1) Lay the foundation – clarify big-picture vision & life purpose to guide you
2) Create an action plan – focus on tangible/concrete short & long-term goals to support you
3) Get back in alignment – focus on immediate next steps to move you forward

Find Your Way: If you feel lost in the busyness of life with obstacles or distractions continuously getting in your way of moving forward, this in-depth program is designed for you:

1) Create an action plan – focus on tangible/concrete short & long-term goals to support you
2) Get back in alignment – focus on immediate next steps to move you forward

Get Back on Track: If you already have a pretty good idea of what you want in life but find yourself temporarily stuck or frustrated with current progress, this basic program is for you:

1) Get back in alignment – focus on immediate next steps to move you forward

See the details of each program here.

What if I’m unsure about which program is right for me?

All you have to do is contact me for a free 20-30 minute “Get Acquainted” call, where we’ll discuss your situation and I’ll walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. This is also a great opportunity to make sure we’re a good match before working together.

What happens when we’re done with the coaching relationship?

At the end of the coaching program, we’ll talk about the most effective ways to help you stay focused, on-track, and continuing to move forward. For some clients, ending where we do is perfect timing for them. Other clients choose to take a break and ask me to check-in with them at a later date. And then some clients decide that signing-up for another program is what will serve them best in their journey if they feel there’s more work to do. Regardless, you decide what you want to do next.

How does payment work?

Once we determine which option is best for you, each coaching program is easily purchased via PayPal or check. You can either choose to pay in-full or in three installments. Clients who pay in-full enjoy a bookkeeping discount – not only will you save money, but you’ll be fully invested and ready to go. My clients tell me over and over again how good it feels to make this important investment up-front, ultimately making the precious investment in themselves.

What type of financial investment does coaching typically require?

My coaching programs are an investment in time, money, and energy. Based on the results I’ve seen in my clients over the last decade – I’m confident in saying the experience you get will change your life! Of course my clients can tell you about that here.

Professional coaching generally runs anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month for beginner coaches, all the way to several thousand dollars per month for executive or corporate coaches. As an experienced and skilled Coach, my prices are fair and competitive; I offer three coaching programs based on individual needs and budgets, starting at $2,495. It’s important to me to deliver top-notch, excellent service in order for you to successfully make the positive change you’ve dreamed of for so long. I’m a big believer in “you get what you pay for.” :)

What is the real value of coaching?

What’s it worth for you to:

–Create a life you love?
–Work in a job you enjoy?
–Spend your time and energy on what’s important to you?
–Improve your health and well-being?
–Have greater self-confidence?

Something to think about.

On the flip side…what would be the cost to you if you did nothing – made no changes in your life and things remained the same as they are today? How would you feel six months from now? A year from now?

Coaching is a commitment to improving all aspects of your life, at the highest level. At a LifeShine event, one client shared with the group: “Coaching is like getting a graduate degree…in myself.” Pretty cool!

You mentioned the importance of “investing” in myself – what do you mean by that?

If you really want to make important change in your life but catch yourself saying, “I can’t afford it” – try re-framing that idea. Try something like: “I want to make this happen; how can I afford this?” Here’s why I say this:

Almost a decade ago, I had my first session with a big-time, super successful Coach. We had a killer session, and I knew my life would be wonderfully different from that moment forward. At the end of the call, he asked me about additional coaching and told me his rates and what to expect. Back then, my immediate knee-jerk reaction was, “Thanks so much for the session today, but I couldn’t possibly afford more coaching.”

When we hung up, I started to cry. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how easy it was for me to spend the time and money on other “things” in my life. But why wouldn’t I make the all-important investment in me? I knew that this could be the beginning of my life truly and completely transforming. I knew if I made the commitment, it would finally be my time to live.

So I immediately told my husband, Bill, about the major breakthrough of a session I just had. And with tears in my eyes told him I couldn’t afford not to hire this phenomenal Coach. We certainly didn’t have the money laying around, but I got creative and found a way to make it work. I called my Coach back, told him to sign me up, and with his help – I began a journey of incredible healing and personal transformation. I got the importance, right then and there, of investing in myself and in my future. And wow, am I grateful that I did!

Recently, after I mentioned to a client that I was inspired by her commitment to invest in herself and make her life a priority, she said: “Well, it’s the only life I’ve got!”

Right on. If the timing is right for you, I hope you’ll make the investment in yourself, too.

Do you still invest in yourself?

Of course I do! Because I believe in walking my talk, there are several things I do to ensure that I’m investing in myself regularly – personally and professionally – so that you get the best Coach who’s always staying on top of her game!

I work with a Coach who keeps me aligned with my personal and professional goals. I’ve hired a Personal Trainer who helps me keep my physical and health goals at the forefront. I’m a member of an elite business mastermind group which helps me stay in touch with Coaching best practices, along with access to top-notch industry resources. I’m a student in an entrepreneurial leadership program. I’m a member of the International Coach Federation and a variety of women’s networking groups to keep my business relationships fresh, serve in the industry, and purposefully grow my network.

I also invest in a myriad of things that bring me joy, which is why you’ll hear me talking about vacations, concerts, and all kinds of other fun adventures that fill my heart and make my spirit soar. :)

Okay, I’m ready! How do we get started?

Great! Simply by your decision to take action, you are obviously someone who is invested in yourself and in living your best life. Often times, people make decisions based on their gut instinct. So, if this feels right for you – go for it! I can’t wait to see you succeed and am honored to be the one to help you.

All you have to do is contact me to get started. I’m excited to meet you in person or on the phone to get you moving on your path to positive change. Let’s get going!