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This popular blog is dedicated to focusing on the good things in life and is filled with inspiring stories, interviews, and tips on how to embrace…JOY.

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Cheers to life and let the magic unfold!


Sneak Peek – Latest Posts from Following Your Joy® by Michelle Stimpson:

Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Why I made such a big deal about getting a guitar pick at the Eagles concert…and the hidden meaning behind it for me.

Music and Magic On the Road
A great story of how the ripple effect of ‘paying it forward’ kept on going with Journey and the Steve Miller Band as a joyful backdrop onstage.

It Don’t Come Easy…Or Does It?
How getting front row tickets to a Ringo Starr concert was easier than you might think!

Stayin’ Alive and Lovin’ Life
Gratefully celebrating life, love, and divine connections at a concert with the legendary Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

Namaste…and The King of Blues
An unforgettable moment in time at Peter Frampton’s ‘Guitar Circus’ with B.B. King as the opener…and a powerful reminder that we’re all connected.

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