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How to Avoid Slipping Back Into Old Habits

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Have you ever noticed that when you stretch a rubber band and then let go, it immediately goes back to its original state? That’s often how it is when we’re trying to create new habits and patterns in our life. It’s a natural human response for us to snap right back. Imagine: You attend a … Read more

Clarifying Life Priorities and Creating Structure as Post-Covid Busy-ness Returns

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“I don’t want things to go back to the way they were before Covid!” said one successful businesswoman on a recent coaching call. She went on to say how there were so many things she had cherished about the past year – focused and purposeful time with her children, a slower pace, an open calendar. … Read more

5 Simple Steps to Guarantee a Rockin’ New Year

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Around the globe, it’s standard practice to celebrate a new year. This shot of my husband, Bill, is from a memorable and epic New Year’s Eve celebration on a cruise ship many years ago. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” blasting in the background! Once the party is cleaned up, … Read more