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Just as much as clients benefit from my individual coaching, they also love being a part of my groups! I so enjoy combining my coaching skills with my expertise and background in: Public speaking, training and development, interpersonal/group/organizational communication, and group facilitation. So…

If you:

— Belong to a professional association
— Are part of a business group
— Plan client appreciation events
— Have regular staff meetings
— Participate in a special interest groupMichelle Stimpson_Illumination Conference
— Are holding an upcoming conference

Then count on me to:

— Lead an inspiring and engaging workshop
— Speak at your next event
— Facilitate a meaningful and interactive group activity
— Moderate a thought-provoking panel discussion
— Teach personal and professional development principles
— Present exactly what you need


Michelle Stimpson_Group WorkshopThe audiences I have worked with include:

City government officers, school district administrators, women’s leadership groups, health fair attendees, chambers of commerce, executive associations, national conference attendees, professional organizers, Rotary Club, college students and alumni, realtors, attorneys, Fortune 500 industries (hospitality, marketing, grocery), dance school instructors, professional networking groups, financial service professionals, Mom’s clubs, health & wellness enthusiasts, and community groups.

Check out a few of the many Client Testimonials…

Photos courtesy of Joe Brandmeier

“Michelle is an artful facilitator who not only grounded our team around some important ‘truths’ but helped us translate that into action steps for the opportunities that lie ahead. She is an unapologetic heart-driven voice that clears away the noise and hones in on the gifts of individuals and how they form into higher performing teams. And yet when we think of the most powerful thing that Michelle brings into the picture, it is the loving care that she puts into everything: from asking insightful questions that got us started on the right foot to the way she responded to questions with the utmost in attentiveness and empathy. We proudly refer to her as part of our extended family.”

–Tom Wiese and Nate Garvis, co-founders, EARN, LLC

“I had never met Michelle before she spoke at my luncheon event; I asked her to speak based entirely on the testimonials on her website. I was pleased to learn the testimonials were spot on, and I am happy to write one of my own. I have been hosting monthly events for my professional women clients under the banner of ‘Intentional Living for Women.’ And I saved the best for last with the final event of the series! Michelle provided the advice and wisdom and inspiration that come with a seasoned coach. I know Michelle has worked with large groups, but her craft and integrity ‘shine’ in a small group. Our 30 attendees warmed up and opened up almost immediately; many shared their dreams and braved the first steps to pursue them. I highly recommend Michelle Stimpson if you need someone to encourage, inspire or motivate your group! Thank you, Michelle.”

–Christopher D. Bentley, Financial Advisor & Vice President, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

“As a speaker, Michelle is inspiring, engaging and brings JOY to the groups she presents to. Michelle was a guest speaker for Network Buzz Events and provided attendees an evening of laughter and thought-provoking ideas and processes to enable everyone to understand the value of – and find way to bring – Joy into each of our lives. Her presentation is still talked about by members today! Her style is warm, engaging and friendly and we would be honored to have her return again in the future.”

–Jean Nitchals, Innovation and Management Consultant, Niche Solutions, LLC

“As part of the event committee for the Twin Cities Chapter of the Network of Executive Women, I asked Michelle to facilitate a discussion with four high level executive women on Work Life Balance. She was an outstanding facilitator who was able to get the crowd energized and interested in the speakers. She played a vital role in the success of the event which had more than 300 attendees. The evaluations for the event were exceptional and the reviews for Michelle as facilitator were of the highest level. I would recommend Michelle as a facilitator or keynote speaker to anyone looking for good interaction and an overall positive experience for your group.”

–Pat Noren Enderson, Marketing Professional, Enderson

“Michelle Stimpson was our keynote at the 18th Annual Women’s Health Conference at the Hazelden Cork Center in Minnesota and presented ‘Following Your Joy: How to Bring More Aliveness Into Your Life.’ She delivered an excellent interactive talk with prepared handout and provided great information on life skills to an audience of over 200. She met and exceeded our expectations!”

–Sandra Williams; Director of Marketing, Development and Education; St. Croix Regional Medical Center

“I attended Michelle’s breakout session at the Gustavus Women in Leadership Conference. Michelle has the unique ability to help people discover the things in life that bring them JOY…and provides them the support and encouragement to make the JOY become a reality in their lives.”

–Rev. Jim Rothschiller, Director of Gift Planning, Gustavus Adolphus College

“We are thrilled that we finally had a chance to come to a Chamber of Commerce event where Michelle Stimpson was speaking! Michelle is a highly valued client at VirtualOffiCenters who exudes an abundance of positive energy. She has such an enthusiastic approach to the work she does and is an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. Michelle spoke on ‘Organizing Your Life’ and we both learned a lot from her! Michelle is a great asset to the VirtualOffiCenter community and we are honored that she chose us to help her grow her business!”

–Jill Countryman and Lisa Olsonoski, VirtualOffiCenters

“Michelle Stimpson makes a difference, a life changing difference. Her ability to listen, figure out the heart of the matter, motivate, and support the growth of her clients gives an incredible return on investment for anyone who hires her. We have used Michelle for both coaching and training and have seen tremendous results!”

–Bridget Gothberg, Organizational Development Director, City of St. Louis Park

“Our Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Group was very impressed with Michelle’s presentation called ‘Your Path to Promotion’. I feel very fortunate to have heard Michelle speak! Many of the attendees are now working harder to climb to a higher and happier place in their careers because of Michelle’s discussion. Her presentation was perfect! And what a refreshing topic. Michelle is a huge asset to any group or individual looking for an amazing Life Coach and/or Speaker. Her ability to connect to a variety of personalities and ages was great. Thank you so much!”

–Brianna Cattrysse, Marketing & Communications Manager, Eden Prairie Chamber

“Michelle facilitated a breakout session at the Gustavus Young Alumni Conference centered around ‘Following Your Joy.’ She created a warm interactive environment that inspired thought-provoking conversation in small groups. She was able to relate to all attendees regardless of age, gender or background. Michelle’s enthusiasm is contagious and her passion is clear – she’s an incredible example of what choosing joy looks like!”

–Caitlin Bayer, Steering Committee, Gustavus Young Alumni

“Michelle gets an A+ as a workshop leader! She motivated my staff, got them involved, and presented her material in such a pleasing way. I appreciate her friendliness and level of professionalism. I recommend Michelle wholeheartedly and look forward to having her back for another all-staff workshop.”

–Sarah Quie, Director, Prairie School of Dance

“I was first introduced to the awesome, inspiring Michelle Stimpson at the 2010 Illumination Conference. Her enthusiastic presentation immediately caught my attention. She related her experiences of attending concerts and the joy she felt before, during, and after; and the positive energy, the crowd, and the magic. What I didn’t expect that day was that Michelle’s story would ignite a fire inside of me! What I learned from Michelle was the importance of following MY joy and that it’s okay that we each experience joy in different ways, in our own way. Michelle was simply encouraging each of us to live through what moves us, gives us joy, and puts a happy feeling inside of us or a smile on our face.

From her initial presentation to now getting to know her better, Michelle exudes joy. Her smile, and most importantly, her positivity is genuine! This work isn’t just a ‘job’ for her – she lives and breathes what she believes. What I took away from her first introduction is that whatever it is that gives you joy…follow it. Simply, make it your intention to live it, do it, experience it. When you follow through and do this, not only will you will feel joy inside, but you will also encourage others to do the same. Now, when second guessing a decision, I ask myself, ‘What would Michelle do?’ I think she’d tell me, ‘Jill, don’t think too hard – if your heart is telling you so, then go for it!’”

–Jill Redmond, Lover of Life & Michelle Fan :)

“I hired Bill and Michelle to be part of my World-Class Life Conference, two years in a row, and they did a spectacular job! Their story is inspirational and exciting, but just as important – they gave us practical steps that let us begin to make real changes in our lives immediately. The Stimpsons are a powerful, dynamic team, and I strongly recommend them as speakers, coaches, or conference leaders. Great people with a remarkable presentation!”

–Phil Humbert, Author and Speaker, Resources for Success

“When Michelle facilitates, coaches, or shares a story, she does so with purpose and a caring heart; she walks her talk. I know hundreds of trainers and consultants, and Michelle is in this business for the right reasons – to help people and to make a difference…and she doesn’t stop until she gets there. That is just one of the many reasons I respect her and would hire her first without a second thought.”

–Kelly Leiker, Trainer and Consultant, Leiker Development

“LifeShine aptly describes the way that Michelle helps her clients to feel. Michelle presented ‘Get Your Time Back Under Control’ for MN Women In Networking. Through her presentation, she shared how we can make our best choices with our time. Her example of how quickly time goes by was illuminating and motivating to not take our time for granted and ‘spend’ it on things that have little value.”

–Teresa Thomas, Director, Women In Networking

“Michelle did a fabulous job on her ‘Finding Balance In An Unbalanced Profession’ tele-seminar for the From Staff To Partner Summit! She was so clear and dynamic, and I love the tools she used. Her pacing was great and her ease of sharing was very comfortable, warm, and inviting. She combined the info – from visualization, to participant reflection, to sharing info, to examples – all great ways to get the listener involved and engaged. The presentation was a great resource for our audience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

–Cheryl Leitschuh, Owner, Leitschuh Leadership Consulting

“In your ‘Following Your Joy’ presentation at the Illumination Conference, your stories, your conviction, and your passion uplifted the room. We all want to be more like you – living each day in awe of living each day!”

–Liv Lane, Writer, Artist, Speaker; Choosing Beauty

“Michelle does amazing work! I hired her to speak to our group of women in transitional housing, and they have been talking about her ever since she left! What a great message she gave us about taking control of our lives, despite whatever else is going on around us. One of the residents said, ‘I wish we could have her here more – I feel like we all have so much to learn and we just touched the surface.’ We appreciated Michelle’s guidance and leadership and can’t wait to have her back!”

–Anna Wippler, Supported Independence Coordinator and Case Manager, Ascension Place

“Michelle’s knowledge and ability to inspire came shining through at the Network of Executive Women’s Twin Cities spring event. As a moderator for our work-life fit panel discussion, she asked thought-provoking questions and then tied the panelists’ responses together for the audience. It was a great event! Michelle truly demonstrated her commitment to building an active community that boldly inspires and empowers women.”

–Julie Janckila, Account Supervisor, OptumHealth

“I have known Michelle for over a decade, both personally and professionally. Her classes are incredible! Michelle’s workshop on Life Balance and Time Management was a great use of my time, and I accomplished more learning in those few short hours than what might have taken days to realize. I highly recommend everyone take one of her classes if they need any help getting control back of their work and personal life.”

–Dr. Howard Fidler, Chiropractor and Medical Director, XIONX USA

“In her professional development training, Michelle is easy to follow and understand, and she offers real-world examples that bring content to life. Her ability to come across with great warmth, credibility, and authenticity shines through! I can testify that Michelle is a model of her philosophies – she is truly living the dream of a simple and effective life.”

–Mike O’Neill, Organizational Consultant

“Our night with you at our Holistic Moms Network meeting was GREAT! I love how you led our group while still allowing the flexibility of letting us explore the topics that were at the forefront of our minds. We all appreciated leaving with something tangible we could do differently to make immediate positive change – you have such a wonderful way of understanding what motivates people to change! Many times it’s easy to shrug and say: ‘Well, that’s just the reality of my life right now’ (especially for us moms). But you helped us see that we CAN get a piece of the day for ourselves and that we will be better for it.

One of the most powerful things that came from the evening was all of us realizing that we have fallen into habits that don’t really serve us, and that if we were more intentional about our time and using it to do something more important that fulfills us – we would be much happier and thus be even better moms! Starting with that first step toward positive change you encouraged us to take will only motivate us to grow even more. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being willing to spend your night getting to know us and coaching us – I am still smiling thinking about it!”

–Melanie Torgerson, Leader, Holistic Moms Network

“Thank you for coming to speak to our association – you were absolutely fabulous! You gave us a great reminder of how short life is and how important each minute, hour, and day is. You had great examples, demonstrations, and stories to share. Thank you for sharing your time and energy – you are such an inspiration and role model.”

–Lori DuBay, Owner, Twin Cities Outsource

“You did a beautiful job of sharing your joy and encouraging the rest of us to find ours as well. I think in this crazy hectic time we live, we don’t often take a moment to truly breathe, listen to the birds or just give thanks. Well done.”

–Diane Mason, Stylist & Real Estate Broker, Corset Styling

“You exceeded our expectations at the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class – you really added value and were thought-provoking. As a presenter, you were engaging; had specific, relevant material; made it interactive; and kept to the timeline. Thank you!”

–Jennifer Zick, Director of Marketing, Reside, LLC

“In a recent presentation, Bill and Michelle gave me the encouragement I needed to leave my government position without a retirement. While I took a huge pay cut by starting my own business, my stress level has decreased significantly and I know I will do well. Preparation, planning, and faith are keys to my success, but it’s also really important to learn from others that have provided an example to follow. I was inspired by their story, and it provided me the strength to create my own success story. Thank you, Bill and Michelle!”

–Lance A. Bonlender, LB Tax Services

“You exceeded my expectations with your presentation to our Mom’s Club, and you kept reminding us of what is really important. Keep up the great work – you are really making a difference in people’s lives!”

–Dr. Jodi Fidler, Chiropractor and Level 5 Executive Consultant, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

“After experiencing their workshop, I can’t overestimate the enthusiasm and caring the Stimpsons demonstrate toward their clients. They are risk-takers to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. I have learned a lot from them, and we have become friends.”

–Frances Ponick, Owner, Ponick Enterprises

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